‘What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men …… That is what love looks like.’ - St. Augustine

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Very Boring Post About Nothing and Everything

I'm trusting you, my faithful friends and readers from afar! You keep telling me to write and that no post is too long, and write whatever is going on. Well, right now not much is going on, and that's fine with me!

I'm giving myself the Siberian version of a spa day...lol. I am holed up in the Internet cafe while the cold rain falls outside. I am drinking a coke and eating mushroom soup and awaiting a salad and am convinced nothing in the world could be better than this moment.

The girls are back at the apartment, sound asleep after an all-night cookingfest. Svetlana is busy teaching her students, all of Kemerovo is at work, and it is just me and 7 waitresses passing the time here at the Traveller's Cafe.

I hate posting without some photos, but hopefully you will forgive a post or two without them. This will be a kind of random post...typing up whatever comes to mind. Her are a few things:

OK, hate to admit it, I'm starting to settle in. Homesickness is at bay, and my eyes and heart are open for new experiences and new people to meet. It may just be the coke talking, but I think I am honestly happy today. Last night was a wonderful night of lying in bed listening to the girls laugh and laugh as they cooked french fries from scratch and some kind of soup.

Ok, I just saw what I *thought* was the first American of my trip. I just went over to introduce myself, but he is from Israel. Oh well, I tried. He spoke English at least! He's here visiting his girlfriend who is from Kemerovo. He was dressed like an American, so I thought I'd stick my neck out and say hi.

The National TV piece about us is set to air any day now. I'm hoping it will catch the attention of the US Embassy Moscow and someone, anyone, will try to help us. I've already decided, I cannot in good conscience leave here in December without Anya. I need a miracle. I REALLY need a miracle.

I've done everything asked of me and more, I'll followed every lead anyone has sent me or told me about, I've emailed hundreds upon hundreds of people, I've written my senators, my congressmen, my state dept, the USCIS, Hilary Clinton, The Consul General, my local state reps, the Governor of Kemerovo..and the list goes on ad infinitum. I've prayed my little heart out for 5 years, I've travelled over her every chance I've gotten to check on Anya,...heck, I'm LIVING here now! What else can I do but wait on my God?

It's such a simple problem: I have a daughter who needs me, my daughter has a sister who needs her. We wish to live a quiet life together in my home country of the USA. I have ample funds to care for her. She has nothing. She will die if we leave. She is sad enough and lost enough without us, that she has sought our acceptance of her killing herself if we leave. A simple problem deserves a simple answer, don't you think? America, let her in!

Where are the answers? God, I'm listening. My ear is to the ground, waiting for the sound of your feet rushing to our aid. Please come soon! Please! I'm asking and knocking and seeking. Please open a door!

Ok, stepping off soap box, moving on to eating the salad. Comments always welcomed with open arms!


  1. I have no words of wisdom because I'm asking myself the same questions. I'm shocked our government has not fixed this yet, if not for Anya's sake, then for Nastia's. She is, after all, a U.S. citizen, even if she is still a minor and as such she has rights. It's too bad those rights don't seem to include a right to her family.

  2. Keri, I hope you don't mind, but I've started printing some of your blogs and mailing them to Senator Kerry with a polite handwritten note so that he will not forget you. It makes me feel like I'm doing something to help. I feel like God may use him to work His miracle. God Bless you.

  3. MaryB! What a wonderful idea! THank you SO much!!!

  4. Love the thought of your girls up late cooking together while mama listens on with a full heart! Praying, praying, praying that soon they will be doing it in the USA!

  5. Hi Keri, This sentence, "She is sad enough and lost enough without us, that she has sought our acceptance of her killing herself if we leave." has just blown me away. That breaks my heart for her and for you and Nastia. I can't even imagine that level of despair. I truly believe God wants us to have the desires of our hearts. I will continue to pray for you all and have faith that God does have a plan for you, Nastia and Anya to be the family, in the US, that you long for. There are miracles that happen today! I tell people all the time of the day you looked up and saw Senator Kerry right there before you after you were praying. God continues to show you in a real and present way that He is with you, listening and holding you in His hands. It's the part when he is saying WAIT that is so, so, so hard. You have a multitude of prayer warriors from all over petitioning God on your behalf, as well as the other people God can and will work through. We all love you. All you have to do is read some of the comments - and even when we aren't commenting (like me, cause I'm a slacker), we still love you and are praying for you. Be of good faith my friend!
    Love, Kelley
    PS. In case you get this twice, it told me it didn't work.

  6. Wish I had words of wisdom. All I've got is hugs and prayers on your behalf! Hang in there.

  7. Oh, this is the line that made me do the sharp intake of breath: "What else can I do but wait on my God?"

    Maybe that is what He has been waiting for. That's what I'll pray! That His timing is for His glory, but that he releases Anya from despair in whatever way He chooses! And that He brings you all together as a family--a whole family. Forever.

  8. I'm sure you have thought of a work visa....but I used to see various Russian girls on the nanny website I visited. Is that any sort of possibility? I have an acquaintance who runs an aupair business.

  9. Israel... now that's a new idea! Do you know if Anya might have had a Jewish grandma...? (only half-joking)


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