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Thursday, September 02, 2010

It's Happening...

...and I'm scared, to be perfectly honest. I've lived overseas before, but not so far removed from what is familiar, and not with a daughter to worry about, and not while leaving four animals behind.  (Oops! Five! Forgot the fish!) So...scared? Yes.

But I comfort myself with the fact that millions of people make tougher decisions/tougher moves every single day -- and usually it is not even within their power to change it. I'm choosing this move, so I am lucky. It's not being chosen for me -- I'm not being forced to move due to war or a natural disaster or strong-arming by some government entity. So, I count myself very lucky in that respect.

And I'm excited! So excited! I get to wake up under the same roof as Anya EVERY day! I get to shower her with love and care 24 hours a day! I get to watch Nastia and Anya's relationship deepen and grow. I get to cook for them, and be den mother to all Anya's friends. I get to improve my Russian! I get to spend time with my friend Svetlana! I get to help Nastia's orphanage in a very real way! Soooo happy about that.

So, I'm about to start a marathon of packing and cleaning that will last about ten days. Then we're off. Please pray that I find the world's best house-sitter/ dog-sitter who can live here for free and care for my furry children. It breaks my heart to leave them for so long, but it is the right thing to do, so I know it will work out.

If you have travelled to live oversees for any length of time, feel free to offer me advice! I know it's only three months, but I will not be able to run back and get anything I forget to pack and, as you can imagine, not everything is readily available in Siberia!

Keep those prayers coming. And please feel free to share a link to my blog with anyone. I know this (and  facebook) will be my only connection with the world of my friends and family. I'll be living off every comment you leave in the ensuing months...lol! Don't forget to feed me..lol!


  1. Don't forget to make sure you've got Skype installed before you leave. Make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date. Oh, and backup disks for your software - viruses can destroy your only means of communicating with the wider world in an amazingly short time period, and even updated antiviral software can't catch the new stuff if you run into it before the update is made.

  2. Almost forgot to ask, who are the two men in the photo with the girls?

  3. THat is VERY helpful, skydsncer -- thank you! i'm adding everything you mentioned to my matser to-do list!

    The guys in the photo are impersonators of Lenin
    (left) and Joseph Stalin(R). They make a pretty penny in Red Square...posying with tourists and then pretty much stealing their money..lol. I got swindled by them without even knowing what hit me!

  4. ..well swindled or not, it makes for an outstanding photo! Good luck with finding a pet sitter!

  5. Things to pack:
    contact lens solution
    peanut butter

    I know those were things I had trouble finding in Russia.

    I'm so excited for you! Many prayers.

  6. You are an amazing woman, Keri! Keep up the good work! We were in Ukraine for 6 weeks during our adoption trip and I know several others who were stuck longer than that. So, I guess 12 weeks is only twice as long as we were in Ukraine.

    I second Skydancer. Run the best virus protection you can. We caught a virus in Kyiv that disabled our computer pretty quickly on our trip. See if you can have someone do a backup of your whole machine before you go and take any restore disks you might need with you should your whole system crash.

    Other than that, take warm clothes and lots of baby wipes and peanut butter.

  7. It's probably going to be rough at times, but time flies. You won't be there forever.

  8. We'll be here...leaving comments, praying for you and stalking the blog looking for news. ((hugs)) to you! :)

  9. band aids. In Russia you have to buy them individually. Not by the box. Not that I know that from experience.

  10. I would so come live in your house if I could. But oh wait, I leave for China in EIGHT DAYS. Then I'll be in San Francisco. Then Portland. And I gotta sublet my apartment for that time. Anyone need a place in NYC?

    I do wish you and Nast the best. I bet she's excited to go back to Russia, and really frightened to go back at the same time. Your trip will fly by, I bet. And you'll come home different. I hope a miracle happens and you get to come home with Anya!

  11. Enjoy every moment...you are about to meet a zillion interesting people and have a great time. Relax and live the experience!

  12. I envy you! Oh! How I envy you.

    What a joy and what a support for Anya and a blessing for Anastasia. Wow...you are so fortunate to have this amazing opportunity.

  13. Don't forget a power inverter for your electronics. It is a MUST have.


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