‘What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men …… That is what love looks like.’ - St. Augustine

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Because Julia Asked:)

M and V in last month's production of  'Comedy of Errors'.
One of my blog readers wrote me a very sweet email today asking for an update and sharing that I'm missed. It's nice to be missed. I didn't know I was missed! So, in honor of dear Julia, whom I do not know but very much appreciate, here is my update!

I haven't written mostly because there is not much to share, at least from my view: Anya remains in Russia, Daniel remains in Russia, and Nastia and I remain here. But some things have changed or progressed so I will share those:

Anya had court on her birthday, August 1st. However, I have been unable to reach her since then, as her Russian faceb**k was shut down, and skype is too unreliable from her location. I try every night, and will continue to. I know I will hear from her soon somehow, because I am overdue to send her her monthly living expenses, and I know she will need funds very soon, so she will likely find someone whose computer she can borrow, or something like that. Still miss her, but we sent off a birthday package and I know that will make her very happy!

I can't talk details about my current adoption because I signed an agreement saying I wouldn't share details in public forums. However, I guess I can say things are moving, and I suppose I can say that it looks like I will be in Russia in late September. My attorney is very savvy and on top of every little thing, so that puts me at ease a great deal!

Work has been spectacular as always. How is it possible that I can make a living doing something so wonderful? Sharing the magic of Shakespeare with kids and teens? I lucked out work-wise. I feel grateful for my job every single day. Even working close to 60 hours a week in the summer doesn't feel stressful - it feels empowering and energizing! Our enrollment was down 40% this year, which was scary, and we had to cut two programs this year due to that fact, but I do know the 79 kids that were/are with us this summer are very happy and fulfilled, and that means the world to me.

My health has been as screwy as ever. I'm being pressured to have a hysterectomy this fall, but I'm not quite ready for that. In addition, I had a very scary flare-up of trigeminal neuralgia that landed me in the ER this week. I had a mild reaction to the anti-seizure meds they put me on, so it looks like surgery might be the only answer there, too. But honestly, that doesn't scare or worry me at all, because the pain of TN is so horrific, I would brave a dozen surgeries if it meant an end to the pain. Thankfully, a shot of some kind of narcotic at the ER dulled the pain, and finally today it has ceased entirely (knock on wood.)

Nastia has been down in Florida visiting my mom. I love seeing them spend time together. I'm so grateful she has that relationship in her life. I was very close to one of my grandmothers, and I'm glad my daughter gets to experience the same thing. 

My summer work ends September 2nd, then Nastia starts her junior year in high school two days later. I have a very exciting trip to Ohio in mid-September, as I am godmother to two beautiful lovebugs named Phoebe and Bella, adopted from EE and thriving in their new family. I cannot wait to spend time with Lisa ( their mom) and take a million photos of them. If I get the okay from Lisa, I'll post some photos here. (They are gorgeous, so I know you'll want to see them!)

So that's about it in a nutshell. My dogs are driving me insane these days, but what else is new? Without Nastia here, they've been a bit neglected and don't get as much play time. They sure let me know it each and every day she's gone.

I hope this update is not too boring, and I hope it finds you all well and thriving, too. I actually say a blessing over you, my readers, each night when I say my prayers. Hope you feel the love!

Sweet Dreams to all of you! I'll leave you with some adorable photos of my young actors...

J being adorable.

E always has someone on her back:)
There's always someone to lean on:)

S with his pet snake Sophia, who appeared in our show.
Last month's cast, on the beach near our stage.
Kim, a dear friend and fellow Shakespeare director, and me.