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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yes They Have Sheets, Sort Of...

So sorry my photo in the last post caused alarm! Yes, the kids do have sheets, but it was washing day, and they also must go get them and put them on their bed themselves. The boys often opt not to. Also, if you felt the sheets they have, you would know why they prefer the mattress! The sheets feel like burlap. We have those same sheets here at our apartment, and I actually had my mom ship me a sheet from home! ( Spoiled American that I am.)

Also, the sheets they have are so dingy and old ( I'll post photos of the girls' rooms below) that I can't help but think a 'sheet drive' is in order! Remember, their pillows are a different shape than ours, so you cannot send pillow cases. They will not fit. But twin fitted sheets and flat sheets will fit!

Here are some photos of one of the girls' rooms, so you can see that they DO have bedding . It's just that the boys are, well, boys -- they prefer the ease of  no sheets. Saves them from the extra effort of making their bed! But I DID get out of them that if they had 'cool' sheets with cars or soccer balls, etc on them, they would make the effort..lol!

The beds in the girls rooms are brand new. They used to have rickety bunk beds. Nastia was mad they got rid of them. Here is a little bedside shrine some of the older girls made...to Mary and Jesus, with some hand cream and Buddha thrown in...lol.

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  1. Great pictures Kari. Now I wish some over there would donate some decent sheets to go along with the beds.


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