‘What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men …… That is what love looks like.’ - St. Augustine

Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Orphanage Photos

..because you can never have enough:)  Since I got sick we had to put off visiting the orphanage this week and the kids are very sad about it. I can't stop thinking of them today, so here are a few more photos to remind you of the need there, and inspire you to send them something this winter!

V with his new puppy!

L, Ksusha and Angelina in the 'baby' room ..P is behind them

Checking out the new books we brought....

Girls from the older group want their photo taken with the social worker who was visiting.

R in blue, with a little gimpse of my Daniel on the left:)

Some of the kids outdoors, with the director

Older girls, many wearing new clothes we brought them
My boy:)


  1. These children are beautiful! It makes me think were my 4 could be if we didn't responde to our calling. We adopted 4 beautiful, amazing, smart, caring children from Russia. Our 1st boy and girl in 2003 from Rostov and then our boy/girl twins from Novokuznetsk. The twins will be home 2 years this Christmas Eve. They are truly our Christmas Blessings.
    Thank you for all you are doing for these children. Beacuse of your journey, maybe you inspired more people to adopt. You are a courageous woman. God Bless. Amy from PA

  2. Love the photos! Thank you again for all of your work and all the joy you bring to them. Thank you also for being a conduit with the funds. It is very rewarding to know the money went directly to the kids and was spent on things they need and enjoy! I hope you are on the mends.

  3. If it were a perfect world, they would all be adopted into happy loving homes. They deserve it so much.

  4. Lovely pictures and precious children

  5. beautiful kids...thanks for sharing

  6. Beautiful pictures. The children are heartbreaking. Do you know anything about V? Do you know how old he is? Will he be participating in the hosting program that you mentioned? One of my friends is looking to adopt a little boy (5 or under). She has applied to the past two hosting sessions that our adoption agency has had (this summer and this winter) but there have not been any boys in that age range for the program. Please let me know if this may be an option with V.

  7. Hi my name is Courtney, my real name was Tatiana Anatolyevna Safronova. Im 14 years old now, and i want to tell you that i grew up in this exact orphanage. I was adopted in 2005. And looking back on all these pictures makes me so sad because my life is not great i mean im getting good grades and everything but the thing is i want to find my mom and getting there has been so hard. I just want to talk to her and ask her why she did this to me. And, does she realize what she did, made my hart just brake and everyday i always say to myself, maybe she had to give me up but when my adoptive mom showed me all the paper work and everything about her is was so hard to read because she didn't have to give me up she chose to be with her new boyfriend and because he didn't want children she put me my 2 brothers and my sister, into the orphanage. But, my sister was just a baby then and she got adopted way before we did so i've never got to see her or meat my own sister or brother. I got adopted with my older brother Wyatt, which is now his name. But, the reason for me to right this is to tell all the children in this orphaned that have faith in yourself and you'll always end up ware your suppose to be. Like my mom says " you've had this terrible thing happen in your life now this is a way of God giving you a second chance and you should cherish that." And when i grow up i will find her and i will talk to her and i hope that the main lady in this orphanage (sorry i dont know how to spell her name) gets to read this and try and remember who i am its funny because i have a picture with her in 2005! But, anyways im so happy ware i am America is such a great place and i hope all of these kids get a second chance:) well thank you, Courtney.....

    P.S. please contact me at my email russiangirl101@hotmail.com pleaseeeeeee:) i really need to talk to someone:/


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