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Monday, November 01, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

Ever wonder what a school talent competition in a remote area of Siberia might look like? Thought so -- me too. It's been a burning question in my mind for decades. Well, to my great joy I got to see one up close and personal this week, and here are the photos to prove it.

Oh, and did I mention I was a judge and sat at a big table with my own mic a-la-American Idol? And my standing ovation -- did I forget to mention that? Yup. It pays big time to be an American in Siberia. You get VIP status at all the classiest events.

This competition had it all. There was dancing...

and singing...

And totally rad costumes...

There were saxophone players...

Okay, so there were five saxophone players -- all dressed to varying degrees of appropriateness...

There was even a token rap artist and his sexy back-up singer....

And at the end of this three hour extravaganza, the participants not only got medals and trophies, but also their photo taken with a real-live American Citizen. 

Talk about exciting.

And then, at the end, the token American was forced invited on stage to give her opinion of the acts in front of all parents, staff and students. Was she surprised!

(Note: Nastia will never let me live this down. Never.)


  1. After the negative times you've had this is so wonderful and a memory to relive over and over again. What an honor to be a part of such a grand talent show. A great post to start off my week. Thanks for sharing and have a super week.

  2. Good to know that people are the same wherever you go. Looks like a pretty typical high school talent show to me. I like their background too. It looks like a giant advertisment for LG?? You captured the Statue of Liberty so nicely in your photos, too. :-) Glad you got a break from usual insanity.

  3. Too funny! To the rapper, did you start out with, yo sibaco? Were you Simon style? Na, I bet you were Paula. Which act ended up winning? You are doin' us proud. When it comes to adoptions in Kemerovo, you have paved the way, my friend!!!

  4. I posted this to your FB page, but wanted to put it on here, too.

    I was reading your little blurb about how this blog is your lifeline and how you just love getting comments or quotes. I'm including a great link to a website that will bring up different quotes/considerations/inspirations every time you click on it.

    The guy whose website it is was inspirational in my life at one point when I was going through a difficult time. He talks about how everyone is connected, but certain souls are always grouped together. And, most importantly, he talks about LOVE and its incredible power!



  5. how long will u be there for? If we wanted to donate, will u be able to get the money out to buy stuff for the orphanage? Let us know what else is needed as we would love to contribute. Please email us directly, if u can, at rswills@aol.com. Thanks!

    Randy and Maggie
    (currently in Vladivostok, Russia waiting to pick up our little girl!)


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