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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Joys of Living with an ESL Learner

Anastasia says things that crack me up every day. I just forget to write them down. The slip-ups with English are getting more scarce, so I want to jot down a few recent ones while they are still in my head. I am dreading the day when these mistakes don't happen anymore!

Of course the best ones happened when she was just learning English. Like 'Chicken tree' for "trick or treat' and 'condom' for condo. I loved the look at my mom's face when Anastasia asked to go to her 'condom' sometime..lol. Anyway, here are a few from the past 2-3 weeks:

"Mom, you crap me up." (And I thought I was being funny...)

"Mom, can I get plastic surgery? I'm really subconscious about my boobs." (self explanatory)

"Mom, you are getting on my last straw. Leave me alone!" (She gets last straw and last nerve confused all the time...adorable)

"B always has a ship on his shoulder." (that must hurt.)

"He's just playing the devil's avatar." (Could she be watching too much of a certain cartoon? She meant to say advocate, of course.)

If you have any to share from your own kids, I'd love to hear them!


  1. I just posted a list of things that make me smile and I should add this to the list!jeNN

  2. Thanks for the chuckle!

  3. just wondered if you ever received my email? I hadn't heard back from you, just wanted to check that it wasn't filtered to ur spam folder. :)

    Adorable expressions!!

  4. that's so cute.. The first few weeks we had our little boy. He was two. He knew three words for sure. Luckily most people couldn't make it out, and we were able to redirect the pronunciation. They rhymed with the following so we had to reprogram them to sound like Dixie Chicks, & Superman. :)It worked!


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