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Friday, July 09, 2010

Miss D Loves The Camera

Every time I pull out my camera (phone), D is at the ready. She loves having her picture taken. I think God must be rewarding me for suffering through five years of a child who absolutely abhors the camera. What a treat to have a child around who wants to pose! Anyway, here are a few photos from yesterday and today:

D got her nails done -- sooo happy. This was because we were stuck at the mall for five hours while waiting for my car to be fixed at Sears Auto Clinic. 
You heard that right -- five hours. In a mall. With two cranky kids. We found  all kinds of interesting ways to pass the time - build a bear, manicures, playing dress up in a shoe store, ice cream sundaes, an hour in the kids section of the apple store, showing her the secret church in the basement of the mall, and lots of window shopping and running!

She did not have the patience to have her nails dry under this machine, so the poor manicurist had to do them over just 2 minutes after this photo was taken. 
Other favorite past time this week? Bath time!We can't get her out once she is in! " Mama I'm a mermaid!" She squeals in Russian.
This is the mouth that never stops singing, talking, laughing, demanding, questioning, directing, yelling, squealing and otherwise making noise!

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  1. I agree with you about how much fun it is to take kid pictures. Kills me that Ilya is SERIOUS about not having his taken. SERIOUS. I worry about what it could mean....not wanting me to "capture" him?


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