‘What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men …… That is what love looks like.’ - St. Augustine

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Check In

D took this of me, as I walked him to school last week...
So sorry to be MIA lately. As you can imagine I have MUCH on my plate right now and it's been difficult to find time to blog! I'm currently busy getting my dossier together, trying to find ways to raise money to keep supporting Anya, preparing for work, getting ready for Christmas, staying in touch with the orphanage, cleaning house....well, you get the picture. Jetlag is still an issue, but I think I'll be on a normal schedule within a week. It was a week ago today we arrived back in the states. (And no, my opinion has not changed -- I'd still rather be back in Kemerovo!)

Quick update on things that matter:

Anya is not doing well. We have skyped with her a few times and she just cries and cries and begs me to come back to her. She says she wants nothing anymore from life but to be with me. I'm still fighting tooth and nail to get her here, but I still am unable to really talk about the details on this blog. Your prayers are desperately needed. I also need to find a way to support Anya more than just the $300 a month I send. She is now able to move into a kind of "guest house" in her village, but I need to pay the rent there on-going. Any ideas are appreciated.

My adoption of D is proceeding slowly but surely. I will have to be cryptic from now on since we are in process, but suffice it to say I have GREAT people standing ready to help me, and the plan is to submit my dossier in person in February. If it is accepted, I could have a court date as early as March or as late as June. Pray that it is March. I need something to go smoothly and quickly for once! I speak to D every other day and aside from missing me and wanting to be home with us NOW, he is doing ok. He had a tough week, and told the director he thought I would change my mind. Don't worry, I surely set him straight on that one!

I am in touch daily with the orphanage via email, and the director is going to take a photo of each box label as it comes in now, so I can inform you all when your boxes arrive! We have been unable to skype yet, but hope to within the week. I have discussed the 501C3 option with many people and as soon as I have my dossier finished, I will start on the paperwork for the non-profit. I just can't get caught up in that until my dossier is done...too much on my plate!

I personally am doing well, only through the Grace of God. I was elated to go to Mass at my church on Sunday, and received a warm welcome from Father Murphy and everyone. I am getting up at 4am each day and praying the chaplet to St Michael along with the Rosary, and sometimes a litany or two. It brings me great peace and comfort. I try to keep my focus solely on Anya and D and getting them both home, and of course, keeping Nastia happy. I try to envision next Christmas with all of them here. I know it seems silly to wish this for the 6th Christmas in a row for Anya, but all I have is that hope. I need to cling to it.

I am loving all your ideas and comments. Forgive me for not being able to respond to all of them right now. But I'm ready them, acting on some, and remain inspired by all of you! I'll leave you with a verse that is helping me to stay positive right now:

'So do not fear, for I am with you;

do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.'

~Isaiah 41:10

Oh, how I miss them...


  1. You sure do have so much on your plate Keri but you seem to focused as well. Really enjoyed seeing the pictures today. Stay strong girl and better days must be ahead.

  2. Yes, thank you for letting us know how things are going, even if you have to be vague. The pic at the bottom, with your son's head in your lap, is PRECIOUS.

    I find whenever you post pics of the orphans I study their faces, wanting to know what they are thinking, if they are sad, if they will get a family, etc. Please keep posting them so we stay "close" with them. : )

  3. You're an inspiration to me! Good luck in all your endeavors and you, Nastia, Anya and D are in my prayers.

  4. Hi Keri,
    You inspire me everyday!! If you need help with rent money for Anya - just ask!! You have 331 followers on this blog alone not to mention your facebook page. People are willing to help you, Anya, Daniel and the children in the orphanage. Please just ask. Even if some people can only give $5 a month - the donations do add up. We want to help!! Just tell us where you want us to donate!!
    God Bless you all!!

  5. It is easy to support Keri's work by clicking on her Paypal link at the top left of the page. You can specify that it is to help support Anya in the message portion when you are on Paypal. I am glad to send some help.

    Keri, as miserable as Anya is, I'm sure she is hugely comforted by your attention and support from afar. No one understands her like you do- that is what a real mother does. What a wonderful example you set for all of us.

  6. Dear Michelle, it is sooo hard to ask, when I have had to ask for help for several years now. I guess I felt uncomfortable posting a requuest for rent assistance when I am myself in the midst of also trying to pay for D's adoption. I got an email today from someone who suggested that adopting D was "not a good idea" right now, which really got me down -- and yet I am only following God's leading in this. He has said D is mine, so I am only being an obedient daughter! I know it must look crazt to the outside world that I am adopting NOW, after this expensive time abroad and 3 months of not working...but I am only saying yes to Him.

    And yes, if there are people out there in a place to help financially with Anya's care, I must accept it humbly and not fret about it.

    Donations can be made with the paypal button, but just be sure to note that it is for Anya. I havent figured out how to separate what I am doing for the orphanage and also for Anya in a better way -- so for now, I just rely on people designating what the money is for. it has worked so far. Eventually ( months from now) I hope to have a 501c3 up and running, but I just dont have the time to start that yet.

    Thank you so much for asking and caring enough to offer to help Anya. I could not do any of this without the help of extremely generous others. God knows how grateful I am. God bless you!

  7. Dear Keri, I am still strong on the desire to help fund a lunch program for each child attending school.

    I am also constantly thinking of the children. Especially Ksusha ... but then I realize there are 99 other children too! What has been going thru my mind is that I wish I could provide ``xyz`` for each child ... but with a hundred children that is just a bit out of reach. Could there be a listing of each child, picture and a little about each child (age, likes, favourite whatever, size shoe, size clothing, etc.). Then people who want to help can sponsor a specific child ... send letters, care packages, etc. (We`d have to go through you to avoid duplication) Perhaps there can be a small monetary donation required to your non-profit organization off the top (like when someone sponsors a foster child thru an organization like ch*ldcare *nternat*onal) ... that could go to the orpanage as a whole somehow. If sponsoring individuals had guidelines ... so at least each child gets a similar mimimal level of attention and know what sort of things are most appropriate. I`m just writing off the top-of-my-head ... hopefully I`m making some sense. I`d love to get to know one child a bit more and brighten their days a bit. `Not to give them false hope that we can adopt them (we are not in that position) ... but to know that someone cares.

    Also ... Ksusha is forever on my mind. Any developments there (sorry I can`t use a question mark ... I`ve hit something on my keyboard and now certain keys are giving me French symbols ... this is my question mark: é)

    `Keeping Anya in my prayers as well.

    `Hope Nastia is doing O.K. too!

    Maria (Canada)

  8. I can see how it might seem financially unsound for you to pursue adopting Daniel ... AND that is NOT what it is about!!! If more people listened to their hearts and to God`s call (as you are doing), then the world would be a better place for sure. God bless you! May things go smoothly and speedily! Keep us posted.

  9. Hi Keri,
    Whoever told you that it was not a good idea to adopt D does not understand God's calling. We are in the process of adopting (again) an older sibling group (14 and soon to be 11) from Estonia and people don't understand our calling. God called on us to adopt them and I will move heaven & earth to get them. When the time is right, I will also donate towards Daniel's adoption.
    I will make a donation for Ayna. I already donated to the children at the orphanage a couple of times when you were over there. It is Ayna's turn. Maybe you can set up a paypals for each of your shinning bright stars: Ayna, Daniel & the children at the orphanage. That way people can donate directly to each "STAR". Maybe after the Holidays you can have a monthly drive so people can donate things to the orphanage (ie. scarfs, gloves, hats, sheets, snow pants, etc.) and they can mail them directly to the orphanage - Just a thought. Can you post the orphanage address on your blog?
    God Bless you Keri!!


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