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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Out Of The Mouths Of (RAD) Babes...

Had to post this, as I've been laughing about it all evening:

As most of you know, Anastasia is on the antidepressant celexa. It's been two months now & hugely successful. She would never remember to take the pill on her own -- I give it to her at dinner time each day. Today I tried to give it to her and she insisted I had already given her one.

" No, honey, that was yesterday. You're confused." I explained. She refused for a while, and I became insistent. (Side effects of skipped meds are no fun..)

So, as she is about to put the pill in her mouth, she stops and gives me a very serious, stern look.

"Ok, if you say so!" she yells...

" But it's YOUR fault if I'm extra happy today!"

She swallows the pill, storms out of my room and slams the door.

I'm still giggling.


  1. This same scene has played out in my house sooooo many times! Yah, well, Mom - ya gotta take the blame for something, I guess. Tee-hee-hee. :-)

  2. ha ha, hope you both had an extra happy day:)

  3. Oh my!!! Once again I am left wondering...my child supposedly does not have RAD, but if you would have put her name in there instead of Anastasia's, well, it doesn't take a stretch at all to envision it!!!


  4. lol, I loved that! I'm still giggling, Kids are better than tv for sure :)

  5. Jupiter would SO say that. I hear "It's your fault 30 times a day, I swear!!"

  6. Too funny! I'd like to take two a day, myself.


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