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Friday, January 16, 2009

Ah, The Good Old Days...

There has been a flurry of activity on facebook lately. All these old college friends are suddenly joining and creating alumni groups and adding photos from the good old days. You know, those days before parenthood and full-time work? College.

So I've been sent some photos that I hadn't seen in years, which got me digging around for some of my own and, well, in my nostalgia, I am sharing them with you! Here is a little glimpse into my life circa 1985-90.

In '89 I studied overseas as part of our college's British Theatre Seminar. Here I am (far right) with my fellow theatre-obsessed English majors. We thought we were on top of the world -- living in London, seeing theatre every night, pubbing it, and having amazing conversations about all things theatre. This photo was taken before one of our big nights out...seeing Vanessa Redgrave in a new play at Piccadilly Circus. As Ms Redgrave was a friend of a friend, I even got to go hang out with her in her dressing room for an hour! From left to right, Kristin, Cheryl, Barb and me. Barb and I are still good friends. She lives about four miles from me now. Cheryl and I lived together on Nantucket Island in 1991 and 1992, but have lost touch. Kristin? I have no idea where she is these days, sad to say!

Jumping ahead a bit, here's a photo of me just moments after my college graduation ceremony. The look of absolute bliss on my face is not feigned. I worked SO hard to get that degree...working three jobs for five years, all while attending school full time. I paid most of the tuition myself ( I'm proud to say!) with some help from loans and my dad. My friend Christine is at left and MaryEllen on my right. Just got back in touch with Chris via Facebook, and MaryEllen lives a few towns over, though we don't see each other very often. A dear friend, Laurel, from college. She graduated a year ahead of me and was already married when this was taken, at their first apartment. She had me write a poem in honor of their marriage and read it at the wedding. I was sooooo scared no one would like it! (But they did!)

Finally, though out of order, me and my best friend from college, Nicole (on the right, as we look similar!) This was taken at the beach close to campus in November 1987. Just located her via facebook after exactly nineteen years!

Anyway, please excuse the late 80's fashion choices. These are tame compared to what I usually wore. (I was a vintage addict then.) But still. Can you say skin-tight leggings??

Note: I am sad to report that this fashion faux-pas is back in vogue. Yuck! All my current high school students are sporting the second-skin leggings now. What are they thinking?

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  1. Isn't it lovely to see old faces again, blasts from the past are wonderful and sometimes very surprising. I don't think that you look too '80s' imo, i've seen - and worn!- much worse believe me! Lol!
    As for the leggings, i own 3 pairs. No, don't go rushing to the hills at the thought of a 40yr old overweight woman walking down the street in leggings, perish the thought! I practically like in long hippy slirts and at this time of year it's FREEZING so i wear them under my skirts to save my undercarriage from frostbite! ( Don't tell anyone but i also have thermal underwear, long johns and thermal vests, socks even!) Long gone are the days of walking around in next to nothing and not feeling the cold. *shiver*, oh well, old age catches us all in the end...... xXx


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