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Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009: The Year of Joy and Buoyant Exuberance!

I decided to give this year a name so it could get to work on all the good stuff it is going to be bringing us! It's hard to function without a name, right? So welcome to the year of Joy and Buoyant Exuberance. Don't ask me why -- I just took a breath and asked for wisdom on what this year should be dedicated to, and that's what came out!

I noticed alot of fellow unschoolers have been dropping by my blog and even following (thanks!) So I thought I'd give a really quick nod to our unschooling life as we enter this awesome new year.

We're new to unschooling. I've read all there is to read about it. ALL. But living it is much different, and I'm still finding my sea-legs. Anastasia, on the other hand, has taken to it like a duck to water. She is thriving. And she is happy.

So what do our days look like? That's really hard to say, because each one is very different. It might be a morning at the beach that leads to an interest in sharks that leads us to google images that leads us to the discovery channel. It might be a day of cuddling on the couch watching three movies in a row. It might be Anastasia coming to work with me, hanging out with my newest class. It might be volunteering at the animal shelter, walking the dogs and cuddling the cats. It might be going through old family scrapbooks and learning about those who came before us, which may lead to wanting to know more about a certain era in history.

So each day is a blank page and our imagination and curiosity fill it up.

If you're an unschooler visiting my blog, what do your days look like? What is the best unschooling day you've ever had?


  1. I like the name you chose. I hope unschooling goes well for you all! : )

  2. I love hearing about your unschooling! It sounds like it is such a fun way to learn everything there is to learn in life without it being boring workbooks and worksheets. Memories and education that will stand the test of time :)

  3. So much more fun and interesting. There's no telling where I'd be if I'd had this option.
    You're an awesome mom!

  4. What a great concept! We can all use some Joy and Buoyant and Exuberance! I'm going to get in line first.


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