‘What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men …… That is what love looks like.’ - St. Augustine

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Let's Start A Revolution...

Still riding on the high of being with the children of orphanage #5. What an incredible group of kids. As I get to know the caretakers even better, I see how much they truly love and care for these kids, too. We chatted for hours and they truly truly do their best with these kids....some working hours they are not paid for, others using their own meagre funds to buy things they need. A great group of women over all.

If I may, I want to share the burden that is getting heavier on my heart -- the need for an adoption revolution. Friends, there are so so so many dear, sweet, magically wonderful children in this world who need familes. How can we get them into homes? how can we promote adoption when the media chooses time and time again to air only the rare tragic stories? There are thousands of happy adoption stories all over the world...mine is just one of them. We need these children to be seen for who they are, and not just faceless numbers listed on a website. People need to SEE these children, and connect with them.

I understand adoption is not for everyone, but for those of you who have considred it for years and not taken the plunge, can I gently urge you to take the leap? Is it hard? Yes. Is it frustrating to walk that road to reach them? Absolutely. Will you want to give up? Hell, yes.

But arent these little ones worth it? Take a look...



  1. Beautiful children, beautiful post. Keri, I just wanted to comment to tell you how much your blog has affected me.

    I'm due with my second child in 2 weeks, and when I read your story and what's going on with you, I realize I should be stronger. I complain about silly things like how sore I am and how my clothes don't fit right. This blog makes me realize that there's so much more to the world and that we need to just step up.

    I was told that I can only have 3 children naturally because of the nature of c-sections. Since I've always wanted four, you've convinced me that adoption can/could/SHOULD be a part of my life. Granted, I'm only 30, but when the time rolls around for me to want another child, I think adoption is a wonderful option. Luckily, my husband agrees. I believe your story will stick with me long enough so that when I am ready for this option, I will still be inspired by you and your work and these children.

    You are saving the world, Keri. Truly, for every child you help, it IS the world you are giving them. Keep doing what you are doing and it WILL catch on. You are the bravest person I know, and even when things get tough, you are an inspiration.

    I am going to do all I can to promote this blog and your cause.

    Hugs and love and positive thoughts,


  2. Amanda! Your comment made my night! You made me soooo happy!If even ONE person chooses adoption via reading this blog, I will feel that every second of this madness will have been worth it. THank you!!

  3. Hi -

    Just wanted to say I have been following your blog for awhile now. I am in awe of all you are doing. I wish you luck in your quest!!!


  4. Beautiful kids for sure...great post.

  5. Gretchen has a family friend in the immigration department pretty high up in Siberia and she's been trying to get in touch with you to put you in touch with her contact. They are ready to help you get your visas and stuff. Just gotta get the two of you hooked up.

    Gretchen says: "If your in touch with Keri see if I can help at all. I have contacts ready to assist her with visa. May save her a trip if I can reach her." She's your FB friend, so drop her a note. I'm trying to reach you through a few different channels.

  6. Anonymous11:08 AM


    My husband and I are already looking into adoption. What recommendations do you have for those who are just starting out? Specifically, if we want to adopt from Siberia/Russia....

    Thank you so much for all of your brave work.

  7. Rain Child - as a mom of four children adopted at ages 10, 5, 7 and 13 (all at different times) I say - don't be afraid of older children! Children can be so wonderfully resilient - my children are all miracles. I only wish I could have one or two more!

    Would you like to get to know your child first? Host! Look at New Horizons for Children. They have a wonderful program for bringing a child into your home for a Christmas visit. No commitment to adopt - but a sure blessing for a child and your family.

  8. Oh, I hope and pray Steve and Gretchen help smooth a way for you!!!!

    Thank you for this post, and I pray it will help influence families to adopt!

    It is so hard for me, because I want to adopt, and have wanted to adopt ever since I was a teenager. But my Dear Husband. . . well, when we married I thought he was open to the idea, but over the years he has become very firmly against it, for us, right now. In all fairness to him, we are a one-income family (I left my academic career to be a mom, as I found I really could not do justice to both at the same time), and the stress of providing for our family of 6, esp. in this economy, is something he bears alone. And we live in a miniscule house that needs a lot of work. . . I am sure he is in his own "survival mode," and feels like he already has too many people who he worries he may not be adequately providing for. . .

    And to be honest, I think his upbringing is getting in the way too. In his family if you are not blood relations, you are not worth much. As a very extreme example, one Christmas a few years back a house a block away from his parents and grandparents caught fire and was seriously damaged. On Christmas Eve! At the same time, both DH's mom and grandma were complaining--I mean LOUDLY and frequently--that we had too many Christmas cookies and candy (DH and I did not have much $ that year, so we had made goodies for everyone for gifts, so had those in addition to the ones Grandma always makes). I suggested we take some of our excess over to the family who had suffered the fire--surely they would appreciate the neighborly gesture, and maybe even needed those cookies. Both my MIL and Grandma said no. And they weren't my cookies, so I felt I did not have the right to act differently than their wishes, even if I could not believe their response.

    Anyway, this is all very personal, but I am saying it because
    a) it feels good to be honest about this, something a little too personal to share on my own blog (where I don't want to be negative about my in-laws in front of my family, who knows them)

    b) it is really hard to want to adopt, to want to give $ to support adoption, but not feel like I have the cookies, if you know what I mean. I am not the breadwinner, and one partner in a marriage can't demand huge life changes without the blessing of the other.

    c) It comes down to trusting God. My DH needs to learn to trust God to provide for us--and to believe that as long as we are seeking to live lives that please and glorify God, that he will provide what we need. And I need to trust that if we are meant to adopt, God will make a way. This must not be the right time. I have to be patient and work on being faithful with what He has already given me (4 children!) and believe that if I am faithful, He will bless me with whatever He has planned for me.

    d) I have to stop whining about what I can't do, and start praying about what I can do. If I cannot adopt, what can I do to help orphans? If I don't have $, what can I do to earn some? Your post about selling your favorite possessions was awesome for me--I love giving, and I love releasing things into the world, but had not yet gotten to the point of purposefully selling something I love, if it would make a different in the life of a child. Wow.

    e) hopefully you are still enjoying everyone's comments enough that you actually like the occassional long and personal comment. ; )

    God bless you this day!



  9. One adopted from Khabarovsk, Russia. In process to adopt a sweetie from a neighboring country. Both of our adopted kids will have special needs. And both were destined to go to the "end of the road" so to speak for orphans--an institution, due to their special needs. Adopt a child--it will change your life--and theirs!


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