‘What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men …… That is what love looks like.’ - St. Augustine

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I miss Dasha. I miss her so much it hurts physically. I have not blogged about it, or even talked about it to anyone but Nastia and my mom ( who feel the same way, by the way) but right now, I am aching for her and wishing so so so so so much she could host with us again this Christmas. If even to just give her closure.

To respect those involved, I can't say why Dasha will likely not come to the US this Christmas, but I can say I have always  and will always, for every day of my life , pray for her well-being and happiness.

I LOVE THIS GIRL. I LOVE HER TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY... and that is all you will hear from me about her unless she comes to us again. I'm grateful for prayers. We've been hurting about this since she left us, but as Christmas gets closer, the pain gets sharper. There is a slight chance she will be with us, but it will take prayers. Someone needs to come to the understanding that it would be better for her to be with us this Christmas than stay at the orphanage. That's all I can say.

Pray, will you? Thanks.


  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I am so sorry for your heartache! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

  2. I pray for her, too, Keri, and for all of y'all. I see her little face sometimes when I look at your blog and your blog is suggesting other posts I might like to see. We are all praying for her and for you & Nastia & Anya & Daniel and all the children at the orphanage. May God grant you peace and may He watch over all these children.

  3. Praying, Keri. Also, sent you a card last week.

  4. She's as beauty . . . I pray your dreams and hopes can come true.

  5. I've wanted to ask, but it didn't feel right. I, too, will Pray for her. (Secretly and selfishly, that she will indeed return to your home...forever!) Have you been to the orphanage lately? I'm curious about Danil. I think of you and the girls quite often and Pray for you. I am SO excited to see your new students! Happy that they love you. Here's a big [[[HUG]]] from MN.! Jo

  6. (((hugs))) She will be in my prayers Keri. Your love for her is so evident. I hope those who hold her path in thier hands can feel it too.

  7. All of us will be praying for her and for you my friend. Prayer works.

  8. Dear Keri,

    I thought you would like this. Our thoughts and prayers to you and Nastia.

    A letter from God.

    Imagine, just for a moment, if God wrote you a letter. What would it say? What would God want to tell you? Do you think that God would want to ask you why you have done things that have disappointed Him? Do you think that He may want to scold you, or chastise you, or warn you that you are failing Him and yourself?

    No! God would want to let you know that He loves you, everything about you, that he cares about you and what happens to you. He would want to tell you that you are His precious child, that he is not disappointed in you, and that whatever you have done and whatever you may do in the future, He loves you!

    Do you feel at a loss right now? Do you feel that God is not talking to you and that you really need His care and attention right now? Many of us do, and so let us believe for a minute that this is our letter from God:

    Dear Child

    I just wanted to remind you today of how beautiful you are because there is a father of lies who will try to deceive you.

    He will try to tell you that you are not good enough, not attractive enough, not thin enough, not strong enough, not smart enough, not righteous enough, and that you are simply unimportant to me.

    He will try to tell you that you have broken one too many promises, that you have fallen one too many times, that you have lived one too many lies, and that you've been going in the wrong direction so long that it is pointless to turn back now.

    But guess what?


    You see, you are my creation. My workmanship. You have been born of my thought, every part of you placed together by my hands. You have my thumbprint upon you. You are precious, did you know that? You are my child, the child of THE King!

    I look at you and see a precious, priceless pearl. There is no ocean I would not swim, no mountain I would not climb, no price I would not pay to have you and to be with you and call you my own.

    I already have.

    I have done all that I could, given all that there is. I desire to be with you every moment of every day. How I long for you to talk to me every day. My love for you never grows cold. My promises are never broken (contrary to what he might lead you to believe). My character never changes. And you, my child, have been made in my image.

    I love you dearly, unconditionally and completely. I understand every emotion that you have. I've been there. I count every tear that you cry. I know every hair on your head. And do you know what?

    I even know your weaknesses and your failures and your fears. I know those hidden parts of you that you wish would go away. Those dark corners of your world that you stuff deep down, praying that no one will ever see. I have already seen them and they will not change my love for you.

    Nothing will. I love your heart and I desire all of it.

    I just wanted to remind you today of how beautiful you are and how precious you are to Me.

    With love, God

  9. We love and miss Dasha too. Thank you for telling us about her again.


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