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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Taking Questions!

I am honestly too tired to post much this morning, so I thought I'd 'open up the phonelines' for any questions  you may have about our hosting experience. One of the reasons I chose to blog about our hosting experience is so that other families might consider hosting. NHFC  gave me permission to blog, and I will do my best to be as honest as possible about the experience. 

Tonight when D goes to bed, I will answer your questions. Today we are off to  doctor appointments, which D is excited about, believe it or not. Nastia and I have been forced encouraged to play doctor/hospital for 2 days straight. D is the doctor and we are her very ill patients. What Dr D subjected her patients to this morning might be considered snake-oil medicine, but she gets extra points for diligence and attentiveness. She would race from one 'hospital room' to the other, asking us countless questions and filling us with medicine (tic-tacs.) By the end of the hospital stay, she had used a whole container of bandaids, a bag ofcotton balls, a container of tic-tacs and an entire tube of hand lotion.

'What seems to be your problem, Lady?' She asked me in Russian. As I answered, she nodded her head and mumbled 'mmmhmm,mmhmm..' while scribbling on a tiny notepad.

'And how long have you had these wrinkles?' she asked, giving a close inspection of my crow's feet.

We are in for a memorable ride, methinks.


  1. Is the doctor's appointment part of the hosting experience? (ie: are the kiddos here partially for medical care?)

    And on the fun side of things...

    Tell us more about the Dasha/Nastia connection!

    So glad you're soaking it all up

  2. One for you, and one about you.

    Our parish sponsored four little boys. One is a little guy that I fell in love with. His name is Davids; he is from Latvia. Is there any way could communicate with the family who is hosting him? Do you have an e-mail list or anything?

    Do you speak Russian? It sounds like you do - how did you learn it? It was my original major in college (that and Theatre - we have that in common - in fact I acted Shakespeare professionally for a number of years).

  3. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Annie, check this blog for a Davids from Latvia:


  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Dasha is a cutie-pie and I will pray that God will show you His will in this.


  5. Beth T.5:03 PM

    Does Dasha have any thoughts about the short time she is here? Did she come with the hope of a permanent placement? Is that typical? Have you seen any of her other friends while she's here? Tons of questions, actually!

  6. Not a question...but Rosetta Stone is my favorite too! I used to be able to use it free online at my library website, but they don't do that anymore. big bummer.

  7. How does someone go about adopting the children that are hosted? You said you can't post her birthdate, but can you tell us how old Dasha is (or did I miss it somewhere)?

  8. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Have any jealousy issues come up for Nastia? I know she is diagnosed with RAD and assume this adjustment might be difficult for her, however much fun she is having, too. Is she adjusting to sharing you?


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