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Friday, June 18, 2010

Making a List and Checking it Twice

Nastia has made a "Dasha List". It is a compilation of everything she could think of to do with Dasha while she's here. Nastia has divided it into "musts" and "maybes". If you have any great ideas to add, please post a comment! We want to make this the best 6 weeks of her life!

Musts (according to Nastia)
4th of July picnic and fireworks
a boatride out in the harbor
build a faerie house in the woods
build sandcastles at the beach
teach her to ride a bike
bake a cake and cookies
paint her nails
go camping overnight
go fishing
visit the local apple orchard/berry picking
swimming at the Y
The Willows (local amusement park)
Boston for a day - the Aquarium & Children's Museum
Go out for ice cream
go to build-a-bear (funny this is on the "must" list..lol)
working in the garden, planting
outdoor summer concerts by the water
visit family nearby
make s'mores over the fire in the backyard
go looking for turtles in the pond

Maybes (according to Nastia)
Miniature golf
horseback riding
batting cages
visit Martha's Vineyard or Cape Cod
host a barbecue for friends

Photo: Nastia, looking over a list -- playing Jaquenetta in Love's Labour's Lost about two years ago.


  1. I agree with Nastia- Build a Bear is an absolute must! I have *pauses to count* four.

  2. She's got great ideas, and I like the fact that most of them are so homey. I think the mistake most people make in hosting, is treating the child like some jaded American kid whose been everywhere and done everything. They have to go to the zoo and amusement park and professional baseball game and children's museums, etc. etc. etc. not realizing that for these kids our BATHROOMS are AMAZING. Sergei acted like I'd given him the world when I allowed him to use our vacuum cleaner! He was delighted to just go out in the car, to see the grocery store, to watch me use our household appliances. He went to work with me and was overwhelmed by the copy machine. What fun we had! It made me see everything we have and our life as wondrous! And, it IS compared to where these children are from.

    The one thing I should have done (wasn't thinking clearly) was send him back to Russia with a lot of STUFF - toys, etc. When they go back they get a lot of status from the things they have to give away and share with everyone. They don't keep anything - at least my Russian kids didn't - but they can get the pleasure of giving things away. ALSO, if there is anything you give her that she REALLY loves (maybe the bear) that should stay with you, so she can look forward to coming back for it. In my children's orphanages, they don't have personal property. Just like a school setting here, I'm sure it would cause nothing but trouble, if they did.

  3. Thanks Annie, I miss those early days of discovery with my daughter too! I think thats one of the biggest things I'm looking forward to in hosting -- getting to see the world through her eyes. Nastia was completely overwhelmed by both the dryer and dishwasher. She could not comprehend that they even existed..lol. She is still obsessed with all appliances that make life easier. We would own the entire appliance section of target if I let her:)

  4. may i get you a giftcard to build-a-bear?


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