‘What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men …… That is what love looks like.’ - St. Augustine

Saturday, February 05, 2011

I'm Definitely an Optimist

I already have two gigantic duffle bags filled to an epic capacity for next month's trip to the orphanage. And then there is the growing pile of donations that stands ready in D's room. You see, I just assume I am going to find a way to get everything there, even though I can barely manage the two already packed, thank you very much.

When we headed over in September, we brought four massive LLBean rolling duffles. I can't even tell you what a comedy routine it was to get them in an out of elevators, up and down escalators, and on and off of conveyor belts at the airport. Thank God Nastia was in a good mood that day, that's all I can say. but Nastia is adamant she is not going on this trip. I have no idea yet where she will go or who will stay with her, but God does. But my chief concern  (or challenge, let's say) is how this arthritic, middle-aged, height-challenged woman is going to cart all these bags to Siberia herself. I honestly didn't think about it until someone asked. I just assumed God would provide a way. And I think perhaps He has.

A very dear new friend of mine has a daughter who is more than obsessed with the idea of travelling to Siberia with me. She is twelve years old. I've honestly never met anyone quite so selfless. Well, I have...but not at twelve years of age! B is the girl who gave me all her birthday and Christmas money last month to put towards D's adoption. She reads my blog faithfully, and wants nothing more in the world than to go to the orphanage with me, and shower those kids with love and attention.  (Of course she is already bugging her mom to host, if not adopt, one of the kids, too!)

Now, there may be many that feel they want to come and help. In fact I know there are, as many people write to say 'Oh, how I wish I could find a way to go with you!'  but B means business.  She racked her brain to come up with a creative way to pay for her airfare. She decided to ask friends and family to donate their 'orphaned socks' -- you know, the ones that have lost their match and sit in the back of your drawer for months on end? Yes, those socks. So she collected a great many of these and has been using her limited free time to create sock animals that come with their own name and birth certificate that she makes herself! How brilliant is that? She sells to friends, family and even her teachers! In just a week or two, she has made nearly $100!!

Although B is selling her creations locally, I asked if I could link to her blog so you could read what she is up to and offer encouraging words! Her mom, being a good mom, worries about the whole blog thing. So, FYI, she only posts after her mom previews her writing and she does not post any identifying info.

Please take a moment to stop by and say hi to this incredible 6th grader. She is truly one of those special souls you count yourself lucky to meet. B is out to save the world, and I don't doubt that she will succeed...one sock at a time!


  1. I checked out B & will be following her. Hope everything works out so she can go with you.

  2. Is that cool, or what? Her mother must be so proud of her. I can't imagine that not making Nastia a bit jealous. How is she handling the idea of you taking another girl?

  3. World really needs people like B now more than ever! I'm incredibly happy such people still exist. Go B! And go Keri!

  4. My 14 year old foster son and I were inspired to put together some bags for the orphanage. While they might not fit in your duffle for this trip, we would still like to send them along. It was a very positive healing experience for him to be a part of helping others. Thanks!

  5. read this today and thought of you:


  6. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Maybe she could try selling the sock animals on Etsy? That way she could safely sell them worldwide, I'm sure her mom could help her set up the account and monitor it etc.


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