‘What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men …… That is what love looks like.’ - St. Augustine

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Accentuate The Positive

Not going to lie. It's been a rough few days. Very rough, but most of it I can't blog about. Just imagine a whole lot of bad days rolled into one and then times it by three.

But I'm tired of being sad and overwhelmed and I find myself going in search of any blog or site I can find that is upbeat and positive. Funny, too. Funny is good. So I'm going to take a stab at sharing whatever slim pickings I can think of from the last few days of my life that are positive or funny.

Animal Farm
 No matter how bad things get, our five pets are a nonstop source of  AFV outtakes. How many cats do you know who hide in the bathtub just waiting for the chance to scare the living hell out of the dog -- over and over again? And do any of your dogs sleep upside down, with all four legs in the air all night? I didn't think so. How about a fish that tries to escape his tank at least once a week? No? You're missing out.Simply put --we have very 'special' pets.

Food Wars
Nastia has taken to secret labelling food jars and boxes when I'm not looking. Something yummy? Then she;s likely to break out her handy Martha Stewart-ish label maker and mark it in big bold letters  - NASTIA'S. Of course, she doesn't have the guts to tell me to my face that the cookies I just bought should be all hers.So what does she do? She waits till I'm asleep and labels everything she doesn't want to share. Funny, I thought I was the breadwinner. Doesn't the breadwinner make these types of decisions?

We live in an ice cave now. It might look like a house on the inside, but the outside is pure igloo. There are ice  fangs hanging along the whole eve of the house. As you walk up the front path, it looks like you are about to be devoured by a very nasty ice creature the size of a fifties ranch.
ice fangs.
My Daughter's Insane Imagination
Nastia has a very vivid imagination, which makes for strange conversations. Today she told me she couldn't wait until we were in heaven so she could perform surgery on me. What? Yes, it turns out that one of her longtime dreams is to 'see what's inside' me, but she is nice enough to wait until we are in heaven. Her rationalization:  "Mom, nothing hurts in heaven. I can perform lots of surgeries on you...see your heart and your lungs and everything --- and you won't feel a thing. I wouldn't do that to you while we're stuck down here." Gee, thanks honey.

My Dream Life
In my dream life everything is perpetually wonderful. At least lately. Every night I go to bed crying, or at least begging God for some relief from one thing or another. And every night I dream of being reunited with either Daniel or Dasha or Anya. Not kidding. Every. Single. Night. Last night it was Daniel. In the dream, I drove my Toyota all the way to Siberia, and was parking in the back of the orphanage when I saw Daniel with a bunch of kids outside. He was holding a basketball. He dropped it and ran, not walked,  to my car and pulled the door open before I got the chance to undo my seatbelt, and then he was hugging me and crying before I even took the keys out of the ignition. I woke up sobbing into my pillow, and saying  'I love you' outloud in Russian:)


  1. Hi Keri. I read every post of yours and you are an inspiration even when you're feeling down. hankyou for always being so honest. Yesterday i was feeling down(family things that i can't mention bon my blog) and i found some inspirational quotes/sayings that really resonated with me then i posted them. This made me laugh more though, especially Nastia's labelling! haha. I'm glad that you are finding peace in youir dreams and praying to the universe that they all come true for you and your beautiful family. Take Care. Kaia xo

  2. hey! it me grace,
    you said you were looking for blogs that were funny and nice, try my life is average it alway picks me up after a bad day. It's a blog about special things that happened in someones life. One of my favorites was: "so i was sitting in science class one day, and the boy behind me was try to throw a pencil in the air and catch it, but he just couldn't do it. just then the girl next to him grabbed it in mid air and threw it across the room and it bounced off the wall and landed in the trash can, i turned around and yelled "NINJA" she went "SHHH!" then jumped up and ran out of the room yelling "you'll never catch me alive!" just then my teacher took out a nerf gun from his desk and yelled "for narnia!" and the rest of the class we spent looking for her. best class ever? i think so :)" thats my favorite :)

  3. Kerri, I'm sorry it's so tough right now . . . but thank you for sharing about Nastia's labeling. That's truly fun. ;-)

  4. Hahah I think I love your cat! That sounds hilarious, and like something you should definitely try and catch on camera! :P
    Poor dog though! :O

  5. I am so glad you are finding some funny moments. The labeling cracks me up. Shows she trusts you; my kids would hide it!

  6. Sorry things are tough right now. I hope it gets better. I sent you an email, I never got assigned a child for your trip. If all the kids are already paired up, that is ok. We just got home a month ago from Siberia with our own dd and I would love to send something to the children still waiting over there.

  7. Jupiter just spits in any food she doesn't feel like sharing.


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