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Monday, April 20, 2009

Change in Focus for this blog

For just a while, this blog is going to be devoted to my new raw and living foods diet. I'm attempting to rid myself of all the pain associated with this Auto Immune Disease by following a new raw diet ( with the help of an amazing nutritionist.) So, my posts may be boring for a bit. I'm posting what I'm eating and how I'm feeling, just for my own benefit. But of course you're welcome to read along if you don't get bored easily! After a few months of this diet, I'll go back to chronicling our RAD life, but for now, it's all changed :)

Started the diet about 10 days ago...gradually. Cut out all pasta, bread and processed foods. Was not ready to give up meat. So, for 10 days it's been all fruits, veggies , salads, and a little meat .....steak tips, roast turkey and tuna. Today I went completely raw...meaning no meat in the equation. I feel ready. I didn't even want meat yesterday. Just had a bit of tuna in the am.

Today it's 64 ounces of veggie juice ( spinach, celery, cucumber, cilantro, parlsey and such). Had an organic apple for breakfast. Giant salad with avocado and red peppers for lunch. 6 oz of organixc rasberries for my sweet craving at 2pm. Dinner will be a homemade tabouli with no grains, and a banana smoothie before bed. I'm also doing three colonics this week ( scary) and a few ionic footbaths, and lOTS of walks to burn off the anxiety manifesting!

note: I have not fully given up coffee yet. Down to 1/3 cup a day. Hope to be off it completely in 2-3 weeks.

My mission:

to cure myself of this nasty auto immune disease
to cure myself of PCOS
to cure myself of type II diabetes
to lose the 70 extra pounds I carry on my tiny 5'1" frame.
to feel awake and alive again
to be a role model for my daughter as she continues to heal.

Long Term Goals:
To make this a permanent lifestyle change
to be able to run a mile.
to clothe-shop without embarrassment
More coming....


  1. Not bored at all. Welcome back! In fact, PLEASE post tasty recipes...especially kid friendly ones. I'm in many ways in your same boat, including the type II and having a significant amount of weight to lose.

  2. I'm with you all the way- Good for you!!

  3. Good for you to do something so proactive! I'm sure it won't be easy but it seems that anything really worth it never is. Good luck with all your goals.

    Also a bit curious. Does raw mean no cooking? How long with no grains? or is it only processed grains?

  4. Congrats on your new plan! It sounds like it will be hard, but also that you're very motivated. A word of advice (that your nutritionist has probably already told you, but just in case she/he hasn't), if you want to stay on a vegan/raw food diet, make sure you're taking the proper supplements to keep your body healthy - enough calcium, iron, etc. The only thing that you absolutely can't get in a non-animal form is vitamin B12 - if you really want to stay vegan, there are injections you can get 2-4x/year just to keep your body healthy. Good luck! And kudos for giving up coffee...I don't know if I could give up my morning cup of tea!

  5. Congrats on your new plan! It sounds like it'll be challenging, but you sound super-motivated. A word of caution, which your nutritionist has probably already told you, but just in case...with the raw food/vegan diet, make sure you're taking enough nutritional supplements to make up for what you can't get through food (iron, calcium, etc). Vitamin B12 especially is one that you absolutely cannot get through non-animal related products, so if you want to do this long-term, you'll need injections every 3-6 months or so. Good luck, and I'll be thinking about you! And kudos for giving up coffee - I don't think I'd be able to give up my morning tea!

  6. That sounds very interesting! Good for you!!

    I love your "handy facts" we have a lot of similarities. I'm going to big a fan of your blog!



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