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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Heading Back to Siberia

Kemerovo Region, from the air.
It seems that it just may be God's will that we head back to Siberia sooner than expected. With all my paperwork woes (I don't share the details because it may come back to bite me), I was looking at travelling back in well over a month from now. I don't have everything I need for D's dossier, and so it seemed imprudent to go. However, God is making it evident that 'soon' is needed.

First, there is the fact that Project 143 needs me to go over as a representative to meet with the DOE in Kemerovo to get a final yes or no to our hosting program. Without saying too much, the DOE has made hoop-jumping into an art form these past few months, and poor Tammy of Project 143 has had to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars and untold hours of time trying to submit ever-changing requirements to the DOE. At this point, it only makes sense to have a person there to meet with them and convince them, face to face, that we need an answer now -- even if that answer is 'no.' Project 143 will assist with my travel expenses.

Second, through our dealings with the DOE for this hosting program, we have just found out that the 'decision-makers' will be on vacation from April 25th until after May 15th. If we do not get an answer before their vacation, the hosting program cannot happen. Also, this means that I cannot be issued an official referral for D until after May 15th. This puts his adoption off by quite a bit, and could easily mean that my court date does not happen until after the summer recess. ( The Kemerovo Judge is away for the entire month of August every year.)

Third, but most important to me, Anya is not faring well. She has reached her limit once again, is is suffering with depression and is begging me to come back. 'Even just for a day, mama.' I had told her I'd likely be there in February. She is desperate to see her sister and me as soon as possible.

The hard part is I will have to plan our trip very quickly and this is not something I am good at OR enjoy. I'm worried about all the plans I need to make in the next week or two. I'd have to find a way to be IN Kemerovo no later than April 21st so I can meet with the DOE contact before her vacation. That means leaving the US by the 19th, which means I have less than two weeks to plan.

Will you help me? Will you pray for smooth sailing? My track record as of late is not good. I need much in the way of prayer and support. Aside from praying, I could use help with simple logistical plans -- what are my priorities when I go to the orphanage? I likely will only get to spend two full days there because of time and money constraints. How can I best serve Anya while I am there? How can I keep myself physically well? Flying causes major arthritis flare-ups for me, and I always come down with a fever or bad cold after such a long flight. Any advice? Lastly, please pray also that the 'decision-maker' at the DOE will approve this program. I cannot even tell you how much time, energy, money and work has gone into planning it. I can't bear the thought of 'no', even though I know that is the most likely answer.

Love to all of you, and great gratitude.

Siberia, from the ground.


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Keri, of course we will pray. Also, I'm glad to see you got your blog back! :)

  2. can i rejoice for you that this is sooner than later? I know you hate throwing stuff together and doing stuff rushed like this, but the sooner than later is a beautiful thing to my ears.

    i pray for you daily, so i will add the DOE to my prayers.

    oh -- and what you have forgiven me for is fixed. we're getting a huge refund. very unexpected. but thanks to Jess going to college out of state, we get money. so ... it's in your hands ASAP.


  3. Keri,
    we are praying for you. Praying that they accept the program. Praying for Anya and praying for D. Praying for everything to go smoothly for you and that you stay healthly and strong. If there is anything else we can do let us know. God Bless you

  4. Keri-My heart goes out to you. God loves you so much and has done wonderful things through you already. More is to come, I can just feel it! I'm praying that our Father blesses you and gives you strength. That you feel Jesus by your side, holding you upright, and that the peace of the Holy Spirit surrounds you and every place your feet stand in.

  5. your reasoning is sound, and I will pray all the details and means fall into place.

    And I need to get a baggie to you! (ordered something to put in it, which has not arrived--might have to send it without! better the baggie get to you than not to get to russia!)

  6. prayers coming your way... please try to stay positive and don't set yourself up to fail with negative thoughts

    Miracles can happen and you are so deserving, because when good things happen to you they happen through you

    hang in there... it will all come together

  7. Keri, I will continue to pray for God to move in Kemerovo. My advice is to give Anya lots of hugs, tell D that it will all work out when all the requirements are met and as for the orphanage-take what gallon bags you can and give all the kids hugs and tell them people are praying for them. Sometimes just a reminder that they are not alone is helpful.
    I will also storm Heaven with pleas for P143 to be approved. I know that after hosting it could lead to adoption for some of these children and that is life or death. Maybe the DOE is not aware of what happens to the 'future' of Russia when these kids are trafficked.
    Praying hard for you.

  8. Keri, the best advice I know is from all my traveling internationally . . . packets of Emergen-C (from Wal-mart, Krogers or the Health food store) stashed in purse and all suitcases. Pop a couple before boarding the plane, and continue to use them as needed during the flight. For me, the extra boost of vits/minerals seems to help my cranky immune system stay hpapier while flying. Hang in there . . God is opening doors even when we don't see it!

  9. Keri, I'm praying for you, too....so many good works, you have in hand. God speed.

  10. I havent posted in a while but wanted to offer this as a suggestion.

    The long trip would make anyone ill. If your airfare isn't paid for, please consider breaking your trip up by staying 1 quick night in Moscow. There is a hotel (The Atlanta Hotel) nearby both airports that will pick you up and deliver you back to the airport for free. They even have 1/2 day rates and I think 6 hour rates so you can bathe, eat, and nap laying down. There is free internet so you can stay connected. This may really help you refresh you both. Don't think of it as wasting time you could've been in Siberia, just go a day early and take care of you and Nastia so you are well when you arrive for everyone and everything you have to do. Please consider it.


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