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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Missing My Girl & Hoping for Good 'Travel' News

most recent photo of Anya <3

We've been missing Anya so much around here. Usually we skype with her weekly, but her netbook died so we have not had contact. And buying one there is far too expensive, so she has to wait until I visit again to bring a new one. In the meantime, the silence is killing us! She was able to message me a few days ago using a friend's parent's computer, but it was brief, and sad.

Anya is not doing so well lately. The trial keeps being postponed, and her hope of coming here for reconstructive surgery seems to have completely died. She just doesn't see it as a possibility anymore. Nearly a year since the shooting, she still wears the "Llizarov Apparatus" although the surgeons promised her it would be removed 4 months ago. She still endures the pain of frequent 'screw turnings', and seems to have simply reached her emotional limit in dealing with her life circumstances. This happens whenever we go long periods without seeing her in person. its been over a year since we were last there, so it makes sense that she's grieving again.

I know that mail really does lift her spirits a great deal, so I'm hoping some of you will consider sending her a postcard or 'get well' card. It is very easy to translate what you want to say via google translate. Just go to google translate, type in what you wish to say and hit the translate button into Russian! Here is the address she is at currently, if you feel inspired to send her a note. It needs to be addressed to her 'cousin' Oksana, as Anya is not properly registered at this address and can therefore not receive mail there. but Oksana will pass on everything to Anya. Just mention it is for Anya on the other side of the envelope, where the post office won't care what you write:) Here is the address:

Ulitse Kanskaya, 25
Kemerovo 650002
Kemerovskaya Oblast

Also, Anya's birthday is August 1st, so if you get something in the mail this week, it might just get to her in time! she has absolutely LOVED getting mail via her friend Ira. A few of you sent small packages, and she was so excited to get those she had a hard time calming down enough to explain it to me on skype! No matter what, please keep her in your prayers and thoughts. She is really feeling defeated, overwhelmed and lonely lately. She needs a great deal of support right now. With all she's been through in her little life, I don't even know how she has made it this far. 

On the potentially good news front, I finally finally finally got the remaining piece of paperwork that had to be redone for my adoption. I head to Boston in the morning to get it apostilled and ship it to the attorney overnight. This ONE document is the missing piece. Everything else is translated and sitting reading to be delivered to the Russian 'Ministry of Education. I am sooo sooo hoping my attorney says I will be travelling soon. Please send as many prayers and good thoughts as you can! I'm ready to get on a plane this minute! Wouldn't it be wonderful if I end up being there for Anya's birthday???


  1. It WOULD be wonderful if you could be there for Anya's birthday...I will think good thoughts for you!!

  2. Keri - I am so, SO glad to hear some good news. Could you take along some nice man who could MARRY Anya? I wish I had a son to offer up....well, how old is she? She's gorgeous enough.... Oh, sorry to be so silly...but actually, the Ukrainian cousin of some people at church did just that.

  3. Oh this is GOOD NEWS! So sorry Anya is suffering so.... but GOOD NEWS means you may be able to see her again soon.

  4. Anonymous12:49 AM

    I so so so so sooooo hope you get to go get Daniel soon! I was reading Katie Davis's book the other day, "Kisses From Katie", and couldn't help but think the whole time that that is how your life is supposed to look! For some reason I just picture you living in Russia long-term. You could open up your organization, change the children of that orphanages life, AND be with Anya! Anyways, I am going to send Anya a package this week or next... :)

  5. I'm so excited about the good news! I want you to be there for her birthday! I know your heart longs for it and I want all your dreams to come true! You deserve it!

  6. This is a sad and yet such a hopeful post! Thank you for keeping us posted. I have something to send Anya ... I did not send it Ina timely manner last time and then Anya moved so I did not know where to send it. So ... Now I do! Praying that you can travel SOON ... How exciting to hear such hope and excitement. I sure do hope you are ther for Anya's birthday! For Anya's sake and "D's". (I don't know if I'm allowed to use his real name .... A comment above does?)
    Keep us posted ... We/I will keep praying!
    MariaG (Canada)

  7. Does Anya have pierced ears? What (US) size clothes/shoes does she wear?

    1. Also, shoe size is 7 and 1/2 to 8, but she cant wear a shoe on her left foot yet due to the llivarov brace. She says she is just wearing a sandal on the other foot for the summer:)

  8. Hi Kate,
    She doesnt have pierced ears. Her size is about a US size 6. All the things I buy her are sized 'women's small'. I have bought her mediums but she says they're too big..lol.

  9. Sending up prayers that things move quickly!

  10. Anonymous9:16 PM

    So excited to hear that you'll soon be seeing your girl! And that the adoption is back on track!! (I'd read that Kemerovo was somehow closed to Americans but was praying for you and D and your adoption and couldn't be happier you're moving ahead with it!!!).

  11. Hei Keri,
    I will keep her in my prayers..
    God bless..

  12. Hi Keri! My family and I are involved in orphan ministry in SE Siberia (Vladivostok area). Could you e-mail me? I have a couple of questions I would like to ask about the orphan issues in the region where your daughters (plural intentional) are from. You can reach me at


    Thanks -

    Tony B.

  13. Anonymous12:11 AM

    oh Keri! Just catching up on your blog! Praying for Anya and your travel date soon! I had no idea she still was wearing the external fixator! ouch! Dear God please move mountains for this girl and her family to rescue her and bring her home soon!

  14. Happy Birthday Anya :-)

  15. I'm going to the post office to send letters to Misha and one of his friends in Ukraine this week. Will also send a card to your girl. Chin up, Mom.

  16. Have you gotten a date yet?? :)

  17. Do you have any new news to share?

  18. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I see your other post disappeared. Everything O.K.? I keep checking for news.
    MariaG (Canada)

  19. Hoping you will give us a quick update soon and really hoping all is well.

  20. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Thinking of you and praying for all of you. Hoping you can have your family together soon.


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