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Monday, April 09, 2012

Things Are Moving, Knock On Wood

'The Stolen Picture' - details below.

I'll never understand why my life seems to have such extreme ups and downs, but I don't think I'll ever get used to it. I shouldn't complain, as things are on the upswing, it seems. I have work (thank you, God) Nast is fairly happy (hallelujah) and things seem to be better in Kemerovo. I don't know any details, so don't ask. I just know that when I suggested to my attorney that I may be visiting Anya in June, she suggested I bring my updated dossier to submit.

Now, I have no firm plans to visit Anya, just a painful longing to see her after an entire year apart. I decided to 'put it out there' so to speak, because we all know how much harder it is to back out of something once we've told the world.

My plan is to have a series of yard sales in May and see if that makes enough for the airfare. I think it should. I'll go while Nastia is still in school, so it will only be my airfare. I'll find a friend to stay here with her. I have a strange sense that it will all fall into place easily. Don't now why, I just do. I'm guessing that is because it is a prompting from the Divine that is urging me there.

On the homefront, I'm teaching again and I cannot even speak the joy and fulfillment it brings. I love my work with an undying, romantic kind of love. How many people you know get 'happy' butterflies just thinking of heading to work? That's me. Weird, I know, but who's to judge?

Nastia is hitting an emotional growth spurt. She is really starting to act like a young woman and less a child. It's something to celebrate, but also a bit bittersweet. I'm glad because it means I am doing something right, but part of me still feels unnerved at her growing up. It's new territory.

And with that in mind, I bring you some photos I took of her this Easter weekend. The first one (above) was a dirty-sneaky stealth job...I took it without her knowing OR her permission - a big no-no in her world. But I couldn't help it; she looked so beautiful and so grown up. The good news is, once I showed her the 'stolen' picture, she consented to a few more...with full knowledge and cooperation! Right now she is at a varsity tennis match. She got called last night to fill in for a varsity match. What a boost that was to her confidence!

She's growing up:(

Cross-Species Mutual Adoration

The sweetest face in my universe:)


  1. She is beautiful! Great pictures of her! Glad things are going better for you and your daughters.

  2. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Yay for a new post! I get giddy with excitement when I see that you have updated! This is truly my favorite blog!

  3. Love the pictures Keri..Nast is beautiful!! I will keep thinking good thoughts about moving dossiers and everything else...

  4. Love this post! All of it! I'm so happy you're finding some peace and healing.

  5. She is so beautiful!! She looks very peaceful and content in these pictures - You are doing a great job raising a confident, smart, beautiful young lady!! I am happy things are on the upswing and hope they stay that way!! Best Wishes!!

  6. I too am glad for an update, and to hear things are ok!

  7. Nastia is looking so pretty in those photos....like my Nastia, blessed with that gorgeous complection.

    I'm glad to think things are looking up. I'd give anything for a trip to Russia....I hope those yard sales do the trick!

  8. Anonymous6:20 AM

    So glad things are beginning to look up for you! Many prayers and thoughts are with you! Debby_in_MA

  9. Beautiful, beautiful pics! I am glad things are on the upswing and hope it stays that way!

  10. Anonymous11:07 AM

    You have 2 beautiful daughters! i am so happy that things are going well for you right now. :)

  11. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I just came back to this post, as I am having a sucky day so have just been on the computer (read my blog if you want to hear my pity party.. lol) and was wondering if it would ever be possibly for Anya to come over just as a traveler? You know, we go on vacations to other countries, and sometimes even move there. Would that ever be possible for Anya??

  12. I simply adore those pictures - you're right, she is growing up - she looks more of a woman and less of a child in them! I hope there is good news of a trip in June - I should be able to scrape a few dollars together in the next few weeks to donate some to airfare, I think it is desperately important for Anya that she sees you in person! <3

    And I'm hoping maybe someday this summer we can get together face to face!

    Much love! - Mindi

  13. It is so nice to hear that positvity is flowing your way. It is easy to get caught up in the nagative. I enjoy reading your blog and continue to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. I was adopted from Russia when I was ten...I appreciate seeing the love you have for your girls. Way to go Mamma!!!

  14. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Yeah! What great progress!


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