‘What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men …… That is what love looks like.’ - St. Augustine

Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Missing Posts

One of my longtime readers wrote and asked me tonight why so many of my posts seemed to be missing. I'm so sorry I didn't think to explain. Since I am still in the (neverending) process of adopting D, it was important I remove any posts having to do with him until he is home. I actually did it several months ago. I hope I got them all. I removed any posts I found with his photo or his full first name spelled out. I also had to remove a great many posts about the orphanage for the same reason. Just to be safe. I'll repost all of them (about 20 in all) once he is home.

And in that vein, I would truly appreciate the prayers of everyone reading this. Kemerovo continues to put a freeze on US families adopting from the region. It's hard to know which docs to continue to keep updating and which ones to just hold off on until things clear up. I may not be talking about D very much, but he is very much in my constant thoughts these days. I haven't spoken to him since Russian Christmas. And Vanya (older boy from the orphanage) just posted a photo of him on his Russian FB page and he looks so sad and so much older, it kind of put me over the edge. I had to walk away from the computer and go cry long and hard into my pillow.

If you pray, please pray that he is kept safe. That is my primary concern. Second to that is that he not lose hope. Most importantly, please pray that the powers that be in Kemerovo have a change of heart and open things up again -- soon. I don't know how I could possibly survive another failed adoption.

Here's a photo that appeared on the orphanages website page, so it's safe to share. D is in there, too. I almost can't look at it anymore.


  1. please send him a letter or card etc..he prob feels you have forgotten him itll make you both feel better..and will hold you both through this difficult time..

    1. Nicole, I send him a letter with photos every 2 weeks and a care package every four weeks. I also call once a week. I just haven't had the luck of reaching him in two months. The phone often does not connect and other times when I call, he is out. Beleve me, I do EVERYTHING I can to stay connected to him!!

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I had no idea Kemerovo had stopped adoptions.. GRRR.. cry!! for all the kids... Russia is just becoming tougher and tougher to work with. I dont think ANY agencies have gotten ANY REGION to allow hosting again either.. By the way, have you read Infinitely More (alex krutov)?

  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    :( Do you ever wish you could just go over there and put him in your suit case and bring him home? Lol.. sorry but hey, that is what pops into my mind! My mom was just talking about this morning how the process of adoption stinks, because you fall in love with the child and because it is such a long process, you just want them home, and you wonder if they are okay.

    D's adoption will all happen in time. I know that is NOT what you want to hear, you want your baby home, but it will. He is meant to be your son, just as Nastia and Anya are meant to be your daughters. Who knows, maybe you haven't brought D home yet because God knows that another child you are meant to adopt is not at the orphanage yet - and if you brought D home now, you may not have the chance to meet the other child. You never know. My mom always tells me there is a good in every bad, you just have to look ( I hate it when she says that - lol).

    Well. Thats my comment for today, gotta go do school work! lol!

  4. I will pray. That totally stinks. I like what Alysa posted ... even though it's probably hard for you to hear. HOWEVER ... soon would be good for bringing "D" home!!!!!!!!!!!
    MariaG (Canada)

  5. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Praying daily not just for this one region but the whole country, that it can quickly turn on the green light to allow the children a chance at a family!

  6. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Hi keri-- Just wanted to write you a message telling you that my mom emailed you on Facebook... She said you never replied and because I know that you said in one of my emails that you had never received a notification when I messaged you, I thought I would leave you a message to let you know she sent you one, in case you didn't get a notification!

  7. Iam so glad to hear d got his package and knows your still coming its so hard for you i pray for you guys..youve had a rough year ..

  8. I have to believe that his knowing you care and love him and that you are trying to adopt him, has to make a huge difference in his life. I know it's all you can do from afar at this point, but that is the very thing many of the children are lacking....just love. One of life's free and simplest necessities, love. Happy to hear about the non profit progress.


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