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Friday, January 20, 2012

News From Afar!

Screenshot of Anya on Skype. She added the words:)

Thank you God, for finally providing Anya with a way to contact me after weeks and weeks!

Update: Anya has been invited to stay at the home of her friend Ira (pronounced EE-rah for any non-Rusophiles) for a few weeks. This is a GOOD THING.Where Anya was staying was not sanitary, had no bathroom, and she was in a very small room with two other adults. No privacy at all. Ira lives with her parents and their home offers Anya a little more safety and privacy. Ira also lets Anya use the family's mini-notebook (like a laptop) when her parents dont need it for work, so I got to skype with her for the first time in WEEKS today! Here's what she shared:

She has been told that the Llizarov Apparatus will be removed in late March or early April if all goes well. She has currently had it on for almost 6 months. She is still in a great deal of pain, but tells me she is not taking the pain meds, #1 because she doesnt want to become addicted and #2 to save money. But I can see how much pain she is in when I talk to her. She has to have the screws turned in her leg every day.

Not having daily internet access has been rough for her. We were skyping every day. she reports she is very lonely -- Ira is at school all day and the parents work..plus no TV, means she is alone with her thoughts most of the time...not good for Anya. However, she thinks she will have weekly access to the laptop, so thats a good thing.

She still has no word on when the court case will happen. She is worried, because she knows we will have a small window of time to get her here on the medical visa (if approved), and also that if she heals too much, she won't be eligible at all. So she hopes the case will come soon.

If of my readers can write in Russian and wish to write her, I know that cards and letters will lift her spirits. You could also send a card in English, I suppose, as long as it is VERY simple and not written in cursive. Anya has very rudimentary English skills, but a simple 'hello, how are you' type of message is something she could likely read.

And just in case anyone feels really motivated, she can finally receive packages. She was unable to receive them at the other place she was staying. It's a long story, but the Russian Post is a bit more complicated than ours. Anya and her 'cousin' were not registered at that house, making it difficult to receive mail.

Ira is willing to receive mail in Anya's behalf, and she IS registered at her adress. Any care packages must be worth under $25 so Ira won't have to pay custom fees. Here is Ira's address:


All packages and cards would need to be addressed as above, so that Ira can pick them up at the post office. I can also post a list of things I know Anya loves. , if anyone would like. She hasn't asked for anything, which is typical of her. When I asked if she needed more funds for her meds, bandages, creams, etc, she replied with 'Mama, take care of yourself. I will be fine. Do not waste your money.' But I do know a card, letter or small package would REALLY boost her spirits, primarily because it means she is being thought of.

I'll continue to post information as I receive it from Anya. She looks great, and the color is back in her cheeks for a change, but she did admit that she feels very lonely alot of the time. Just a simple card will surely help alleviate some of that, I'm sure!
Anya with Ira,  July 2011


  1. Hi Keri,

    I have followed you since the beginning as we both used Adoption Ark to bring our kids home from Kemerovo. Jackson is from Prokopyevsk and he's been home since September of 2006. My other two are bio brothers from Fryazino and have been home since June of 2010. Now that Anya has somewhere relatively safe to be, my boys want to send her some things to lift her spirits.

    They are young at 6, 4 and 3 years old, so the little guys will likely draw her pictures. Jackson has some Christmas money and he wants to buy Anya something "to make her feel better and not miss her Mommy". If you could give me some ideas of things Anya would like, I will take him shopping.

    As always, our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with you, Nastia and Anya.

    Much love,


  2. Oh Kim, your comment made me so happy. It melts my heart when little ones are so sensitive to others in need. How SWEET of them to think of Anya! she will adore hand drawn pitures by them...she adores little ones, just like her little sister. If she ever gets home here, I hope to encourage her to study early childhood education. As to an idea for Jackson on something to buy for her, she absolutely loves sentimental things, so even a little stuffed animal would be treasured. but honesrly, he doesnt need to buy anything. A picture and even a photo of himself would put her over the moon. Thank you of thinking of her!!


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