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Monday, December 05, 2011

MISSING: Laura and Conor

This is Laura and Conor. They are two of my Rebel Shakespeare kids, and they are missing. 

The blogging world is huge and so supportive. Would you consider sharing this info on your blog or on your Facebook page? Studies show that getting the word out FAST is the number one thing that gets endangered runaways home.

Laura and Conor are only 13 and 14 years old. Laura comes from a wonderful family. She is somewhat shy, but has a huge heart, a great love of music and guitar, and is the sweetest soul. Conor is a spitfire, adventure-loving, bmx-riding ball of energy who has struggled quite a bit these past few years. It's not fair for me to point fingers at his parents when they are  going through so much, but I will say that as long as I have known him, he has been desperate to win his Dad's attention and love, and he struggles with self-worth and depression.

Conor and Laura ran away Saturday night. They met in front of a local college, and took a cab into Boston, to South Station. They have not been seen since. Laura  is about 5'4", has reddish hair, but she may have dyed it black. Conor is 5'7" and has great freckles and wavy, dark-blond hair. He is very strong and an expert bike rider.

Here are a few links to current news stories about them:

And here is the broadcast on Fox News:

Please consider sharing this. Thank you.

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